• Unpack and hang up your “Original Black Forest Cuckoo Clock”
  • Your “Original Black Forest Cuckoo Clock” is not working
  • Clock is running too slow/fast
  • Pendulum stops after a few minutes
  • Cuckoo doesn’t call (without automatic night switch off )

For a cuckoo clock with manual night switch off :

Possible problems:

1) The night switch off is switched on.
2) The wire on the cuckoo door was not removed.
3)The transport clips on the cuckoo pipes inside the clock movement have not been removed.
4) The cuckoo tail is under the wire.
5) The chain has come off the gear.

Possible solutions:

1) Deactivate the night switch off on the side of the clock.
2) Remove the wire for locking the cuckoo door.
3) Open the back of the clock and remove the transport lock (clips) on the cuckoo pipes.
4) Open the back of the clock and place the tail of the cuckoo over the wire.
5) Remove pendulum and weights. Open the back of the clock and secure the chains by taping them in place so that they cannot fall off the gears. Turn the clock upside down and thread the broken chain back onto the gear.

  • Cuckoo doesn’t call (with automatic night switch off)
  • Cuckoo calls a few minutes early/late
  • At the hour, the clock strikes too many or too few times
  • Cuckoo door stays open and cuckoo stays outside
  • Your “Original Black Forest Cuckoo Clock” doesn’t play the music
  • Music doesn’t stop playing
  • Even though pendulum screw has been adjusted, the clock cannot be correctly regulated (only appliable to clocks with metal pendulum)
  • The clock regularly beats too much or too little on the hour
  • Clock makes a slight noise (on a regular basis) about 5 minutes before the actual clock strike at the hour
  • Clock does not strike exactly on the hour/half-hour
  • Clock stops running after a short running time or only runs if pendulum is not hung at angle on the wal
  • After cuckoo call the music does not play
  • Scratching noise when playing the music
  • Gong sound is tinny